Custom Export License Features

When you need to deliver an admin export fast and the general-purpose export isn’t enough, use the Custom Export Builder to create a special export of images and data that have the right size, cropping, naming and associated data.

The custom export is similar to the general-purpose export, but gives greater flexibility in how the export is created. This export, an annually licensed feature, gives your studio unlimited exports for one flat-rate. Once activated, simply select the Custom Export Builder feature from within the Reports menu.

The Custom Export Builder enables you to create an export of images with a specific pixel dimension, ppi and image name. You can also select what data is exported in the form of a csv or txt file. The images will be exported in a single folder with the data file, or in separate folders named for a sort that has been selected.

  • Quickly export a set of images and data from your hhschools project
  • 640×800 max size
  • Compatible with most admin programs
  • Can be used for printing ID cards at the studio