Delivery man standing in front of his van


According to industry data, pandemic-fueled, explosive growth of e-commerce online orders continues, and all shipping networks are experiencing delivery delays. Combine this with regional staffing shortages, and we expect irregular and slower deliveries will likely continue throughout the rest of this year.

This season, more than ever, it will be wise to plan now, to diligently work ahead of your normal schedule, and to be aware of commitments you make to your clients. At HH, we have been doing just that! We have been hiring our seasonal staff, getting them trained, purchasing extra supplies to help us with potential vendor supply chain delays and shortages – all to make sure we can turn your work quickly without interruption this fall and holiday season.

But we will need your help. While we may be able to turn the work quickly, this year the carriers may not always be as dependable as they have been in the past. Always keep that in mind when planning, working ahead, setting expectations, and communicating service commitments to your customers. Working together, we can make this a spectacular season, for both you and your clients!