How does your marketing funnel stack up?

OK. So, you have been dabbling a little in the hhih marketing funnel. And things seem to be going all right. But you are not sure if the numbers you see are good or not. Here is a peek at how your marketing compares to the average of everyone that uses hhih marketing.

Number of broadcasts per person: 4
Opens: 40%
Clicks: 12%
Unsubscribe rate: 1%
Conversion: 11%
Revenue per person: $2.45
Average Order: $40.90*
*Includes taxes, commission, and shipping

What this means is for an average school of 400 students, your email marketing accounts for an extra $1,000. Now multiply that by the number of schools and leagues you market to on hhimagehost, not to mention the indirect influence of your marketing. This should give you a heading to know how you compare. If you have concerns with your marketing funnel performance, give us a call. Our customer service team would be happy to discuss.

Not sure how to read your metrics report?

P.S. If you want some more training on how to make your marketing funnel more effective, check out our YouTube playlist.