Join Dorie Howell, on September 7 and September 9, for two PPA One Day Workshops that you will not want to miss. These special classes are virtual, so anyone can join from anywhere! 

Dorie‚Äôs class, “IPS from A-Z”  will focus on all aspects of IPS, specifically touching on workflow, choosing great partners and products. We all know that selling products is the secret to a truly successful photography business but doing so doesn’t mean you have to spend 40 hours on each client, have 7 meetings, and come across as a pushy salesman. There is a better way. You will walk away from this workshop with the information you need to start implementing a product-based business right away.

The second class ,”Social Media for Photographers”, will be an overview of social media strategy and why we simply cannot ignore the power of apps like Facebook and Instagram any longer. This class will dive into these platforms and how photographers can use them to reach their target market without spending hours of time creating content or dancing on camera. Join in, and learn how!

Be sure to mark your calendar and take advantage of all that Dorie has to share on these two important subjects!