Product sales begin the moment your client walks in the sales room. It’s simple. They see it, they like it, they want it, they buy it! Presenting your products is crucial to the way people will make choices. When prints on the wall look appealing, your client starts to envision what their images will look like on their wall. Display prints in a way that makes it impossible to say no.

H&H Color Lab offers so many unique, quality products that help you offer beautiful wall art to your clients.  One of our favorites (well, we admit we actually have many favorites) is the Classic Modern Framed Torn Edge Print. 

To help you offer specials for your clients for the upcoming holiday season, and also to help cover your sales room walls with beautiful H&H sample products (smiling), we are featuring the Classic Modern Torn Edge Framed Print as one of our monthly specials in October. 

Watch our short video review by Rachael Boer, of IPSM, and see why we love this product so much!  Oh, and by the way, the Classic Modern Torn Edge Framed Print won a special recognition by Professional Photographer Magazine.  It is featured in their 2021 Hot Ones Buyers Guide which showcases products for professional photographers that are innovative, exciting and inspiring.  Now is your chance to save and showcase the Classic Modern Torn Edge Framed Print on your sales room wall during our October monthly special.