It turns out playing catch-up isn’t a fun game to play. You have hustled more than ever to overcome last year’s losses. But now isn’t the time to coast into the holiday season. It’s time to continue pressing forward and sprint through the finish line. So, when you deliver the last print to the last customer of the season, you can enjoy your holiday. At H&H this isn’t the first difficult season we’ve had to overcome. And with all the predictions of shipping irregularity and delays, we want to share 3 tips to help you get ahead and not run out of time.

Plan your season before it happens

Knowing that Christmas falls on December 25th again this year, work backwards from the last day you need to deliver your last order to figure out when you need have stuff done. The great news is if this isn’t your first season, you know what to expect. Review your holiday season from the last two years and create a plan that would have made them go even better. We have created a Christmas Holiday Order Date Calendar to help you with this task.

Review your preseason checklist and do one task today you were going to put off

Knowing is half the battle. Now that you have a plan, you are checking things off the list. Good for you. But don’t wait till tomorrow to happen. Work ahead and do one thing today that you were waiting to start. Yes, the couch is calling your name, but use this momentum to your advantage. You will either finish early (Yay! More couch time) or you will have created time for those unexpected roadblocks.

Choose your holiday products and backgrounds this week

Whether this is your first holiday season or not, start by deciding who you are going to photograph and what holiday products they like. Only after that will you be able to start setting up your workflow, sales and marketing. While prints are your most profitable products, consider offering limited holiday backgrounds, ornaments and cards to maximize each sale.

Our team is here to help you identify the best shipping options for all your orders to ensure your community gets their portraits and photo gifts in time in time to share with the ones they love. So, you can enjoy your holiday!