Packaging is H&H’s specialty! Whether you choose window envelopes, clear bags or rigid mailers, package inserts play an indispensable role in your sports picture program. They provide:

  • Studio marketing, branding, messaging and promotion
  • Package order confirmation to reduce studio phone calls
  • Safety ID for the schools’ child safety program
  • Another way to market your 2nd sales online with your URL and unique password

We have taken it a step further by adding a new package insert just for sports events. Introducing the WEB SALE PACKAGE INSERT WITH QR CODE

Finally, an 8×10 package insert for sports photographers!

  • QR code for online access of 2nd sale event
  • Popular sports 2nd sale products
  • Featured sports backgrounds for KO orders
  • Retail package prices not displayed
  • Printed for all subjects, including no-print package subjects
  • 8″x1.5″ horizontal grey area at the top for studio design (use design guide)

This means fewer phone calls from confused parents and more sales without having to lift a finger.